eStream group, focuses on customer value, whatever the solution we look at the big picture and what value you are acquiring from us. We are focused on helping you build a stronger business solution that has positive impacts for your entire organization. We use proven approaches that have worked, repeatable solutions that are consistent to lessen the impact of change across the organization. We focus on all aspects of the solution from requirement gathering, design, development, implementation and maintenance of the solution.

Companies moving forward on the path to profit growth and significant return on investment, need the guidance of a partner experienced in the strategic, organizational, and technical requirements for creating true customer understanding.

Our Approach

Strategy: At eStream Group we believe that client involvement is imperative to a project’s success. Knowing your business, your requirements and ensuring that we represent them accurately is what we specialize in. Without you help, input and resources we do not consider the project a success. We don’t want to be on your site forever, we want to be on site long enough to see you successful, we want to be invited back to see how well you have done. We believe in doing this right the first time.

Strategies for achieving profitable growth begin with an understanding of your customers. But turning that understanding into meaningful action also means understanding your organization and the unique environment you're operating in.

eStream group focuses, our approach not just on effective solutions, but also on our client's ability to implement those solutions. Guiding our clients by using the customer as a focusing principle to design, build and implement integrated business solutions.

We offer these core values to our client and for our clients to build on

•Focus on the fundamentals of the business - How is value created? Where are the improvement opportunities?

•Develop strategies that lead to significant improvement in the top or bottom line - Translate understanding of the business, and marketplace into actionable, high-impact strategies.

•Build and implement the strategies - Design and implement the technical infrastructure, organizations, and core business processes that turn strategy into reality.

•Drive organizational acceptance and lasting change - Ensure that the organization adopts new business processes and technical tools through a rigorous change management processes.

Our People

eStream group takes pride in selecting the best of the best to work with our teams. Our teams have worked in the trenches and understand the dictates of the job vs the dictates of the solution. Our people understand that change is very hard to adapt to, change is scary, our resources embrace change and assist your organization to see the benefits of new solutions.

Clients who work with us quickly understand the core elements that define our interactions with them and their organizations, and set us apart from our competitors.

•Data-driven: We bring a rigorous, analytical approach to create a solid foundation of both insight and consensus on the highest-priority challenges and opportunities facing the business.

•Cross functional: We focus on the connections between groups and functions in your organization, serving as a catalyst for the cross-functional alignment that defines successful customer value management.

•'Multi-lingual': We are strategists who know technology and technologists who understand strategy, marketers who understand how to apply the power of advanced technology to create business advantage. We are uniquely able to translate between the language of business and the language of technology to focus an organization on results.

•Passionate about success: At eStream group, we are singularly focused on our client's success. We are dedicated not just to a project, but to helping our clients be a success.

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